5 Biggest Gaming Technology Trends in 2022

The video game sector now accounts for $90 billion worldwide. From artificial intelligence to blockchain technology, it has always been easy to incorporate the state-of-the art technological advances. In fact, this is an inspiring and fast-paced world driven by cutting-edge technology. The following are the top 5 gaming technology trends to keep an eye on this year.

  1. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Blockchain -based Gaming – NFTs are expected to appear in top games this year, according to the gaming community. In fact, Square Enix and Ubisoft have already confirmed the same. Players will be able to obtain, succeed, and trade useful simulated objects using NFTs. Another factor that connects games and blockchain technology is the rise of “play-to-earn” crypto games. In the case of these kinds of games, players are rewarded with cryptocurrency as a kind of payment. 
  1. The Metaverse – Video game franchises are being transformed into entire platforms for fun, interacting, and other joint communications, while Facebook is constructing a captivating environment for work and recreation. The platform format will assist a broad range of ease of operation including concerts. Users who want to play their desired games can keep on doing so. Those who want to interact can do that activity through similar channels. Delivering such a diverse experience will result in improved fidelity, a larger audience, and greater attention for marketers.
  1. Cloud Gaming – When it comes to gaming, subscription services do away with the requirement for hardware updates every couple of years.  The present offerings comprise of items of Microsoft, Sony, Google and more. All data is handled in the cloud, and all that gamers need is a smart television and a media streaming device like Chromecast for playing.
  1. Esports – This format has elevated video games to new heights by strengthening them with real audiences, leagues, competitions, and patronage. At the time of the epidemic, its prevalence skyrocketed, and by 2021, the sector had produced more than $1 billion in earnings. For the first time, esports will be incorporated in a major global multi-sport event this year, which is the Asian Games. Alongside, esports betting is also growing rapidly as people are finding it thrilling, funful, and a source of income. But it is very important to find a reliable site to place your bets as there are many scammers out there. So, check the wettanbieter österreich neu 2023 blog to find the most reliable betting providers to place your bet on.
  1.  Virtual Reality – Virtual reality was well-known among players even before it was adopted by the armed forces and physicians. VR gaming has been slowly rising in popularity in recent years, with popular franchises such as Minecraft adopting the technology. VR has also begun to make its mark in the industry of casino games. Virtual reality is being integrated into certain casino experiences, offering players a new level of immersion and engagement. You can refer to blogs like คาสิโนออนไลน์ เครดิตฟรี to find more credible online casinos for fair play. Headsets integrated with VR are now available for playing Grand Theft Auto and Doom games. Hardware is becoming more affordable these days due to gadgets like the Meta Quest 2. Furthermore, the VR headsets will be utilised without a gaming computer. The cutting-edge technology allows for a more captivating and detailed graphic quality. 


As technology keeps on progressing, more and more trends are likely to emerge.  From the year 2017, people have been gazing towards the year 2022 expecting that the gaming industry will become more prosperous in the year. As many people are likely to invest in new types of games, the gaming market condition will definitely change as technology and gaming preferences of people transform. Due to the growing competition between the gaming developers, the gaming trends will get better.

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